Village Garden Club SCGC


The Village Garden Club is a member club of the Garden Club of America and is united by a love of gardening and is committed to implementing the goals of our club and of the Garden Club of America. These are:

Village Garden Club
- to encourage an interest in gardens and gardening,
- to further the knowledge and preservation of our native flora, and
- to work to prevent our natural resources from being destroyed or exploited.

Garden Club of America
- to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening,
- to share the advantages of association by means of educational meetings, conferences, correspondence and publications, and
- to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement

"I give my pledge to save and faithfully to defend from waste, the natural resources of my country – its soil and minerals, its forests, waters and wild life."

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